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Taco Rice Bowl

Taco Rice Bowls

I find myself inspired to come back to my blog again. I've changed up the look a bit and am hoping that this return will inspire me to be creative in the kitchen again.
Tom and I have enjoyed dining out together so much during our relationships. We had a realization recently that we really need to be more conscious of what we are eating. Eating whatever we want when we eat out so much is starting to add up! (But I sure am grateful for how lucky we are to eat the way we do. So grateful!)
This bowl was inspired by our love of nachos- with a bit of a healthier spin. I must admit- portion size is something we continue to need to think of! This bowl is much healthier when you serve yourself less!
Unfortunately I don't have any great photos of this bowl. Another goal of mine is learning some techniques to photograph food well. Any suggestions?

Be flexible with what you add to this bowl! I like to make things based on what I love to eat. Let me know how you have made …

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