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Super  Duper Superfoods!!!!!

David Wolfe is a raw food advocate and superfood enthusiast. He has found what he describes as 'the best food ever'. I have known about David for years and have been reading his books, going to see him speak live and incorporating some of his knowledge into my own life. For some reason, I have been listening to David so often these days. It's hard to listen to him speak and not be inspired. It's hard to listen to him talk about this superfoods and NOT want to consume them. I just thought I'd write a quick post with information about some of the amazing foods I've been consuming these days (some for years). One of the most amazing aspects about a lot of these products is that they are bioavailable. This means that your body doesn't have to break them down or work hard for you to absorb their amazing benefits. Most of them I consume as part of a smoothie. 

-Raw, unprocessed chocolate is one of David Wolfe's favourite things ever. It's very important that you buy high quality, organic, raw chocolate. It comes as beans, nibs, powder or paste. 
-Cacao is so so rich in antioxidants (much higher than red wine or berries). 
-It is also chalk full of important minerals and vitamins that we are often missing in our diet including magnesium, iron, chromium, manganese, zinc, copper and vitamin c. 
-Cacao contains all essential omega-6 fatty acids. 
-Cacao makes you feel happy and contains 5grams of protein per tablespoon! 

Wild Chaga
-This is something I have JUST started consuming. Chaga is a mushroom that grows over the course of years on birch trees. 
-The kind I have I boil in water and drink as a tea. This base can also be used for smoothies. David Wolfe is obsessed with chaga. 
-It is also viewed as one of the best antioxidant sources in the world. 
-Chaga is anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory. It helps with too many ailments to even list! 
-Chaga is an immune system strengthener. 
-Check out for more information and for where to access this amazing product in Ontario. 

-Maca also has too many benefits to list. It is known as a strength and stamina enhancer and is also known to be libido-enhancing (never a bad thing!). 
-It is an adaptogen so it can balance and stabilize all different systems in the body. 
-It can improve anemia, fatigue, depression, malnutrition, menopausal symptoms,, stress tension and many other issues. 

 Marine Phytoplankton
-After hearing David speak many times about this product I just had to give it a try! I've just started out so I'll see how it goes. I put a drop under my tongue each morning. It tastes like the ocean. 
-Benefits: energy without stimulation, an improved immune system, decreased aches and pains, fewer cravings, normalizing blood sugar imbalances, improved memory, improved concentration, better sleep, more energy to start your day, improved digestions... (and the list goes on)...

Other products worth looking into...
-Goji berries/ Goji & schizandra drops
-Coconut products (oil, water)
-Chia seeds

My beautiful friend Chantalle Asselin knows way more than I do about these products. She also sells many of them from her home and at the market. I visit her at the market for her delicious raw chocolate cake. You can contact her at: 

You can also google David Wolfe. He is well worth listening to! 

I also recommend checking out Giddy Yoyo chocolate. Chantalle sells it at the Guelph farmers market and you can also buy it at the stone store. Amazing!

Love, Sarah


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