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If you know me at all you know that one of my favourite pass times involves reading about restaurants and checking out their menus online. I will have often chosen exactly what I'm having before I even get to the restaurant. My friend Hilary knows that traveling with me means letting me trail behind as I read the menus of the restaurants we pass. Many delicious meals were enjoyed as a result of this. 

Kindfood is a gem I found while looking up vegetarian restaurants. I had been eyeing this restaurant for a couple of months before finally making the trip in- and I am so happy I did. 

Kindfood (from my understanding) is owned and run by a mother daughter duo Kelly and Erinn. I saw them peek out from the back now and again but the front of house was run by two great guys, Michael and Patrick (hope I got that right!). I spent about an hour in the restaurant waiting for my friend and had the pleasure of watching them interact with customers. Both of these guys were so so friendly, helpful and most of all, genuine. They introduced themselves by name to every single customer and were so passionate and knowledgeable about the food that they were selling. 

Kindfood is a vegan restaurant/food shop/bakery. They sell organic juices and smoothies as well as salads, soups, sandwiches burgers and specials like macaroni and cheese. All all of their baking is free from wheat and gluten, dairy and refined sugars. The countertops were covered with cookies, mint chocolate brownies and row after row of perfect cupcakes. What can I say- this restaurant oozes positivity. I could barely wipe the smile off my face. 
Lemon Cupcakes
It took everything in me not to get one!

I am in the 're-introduction' phase of my elimination diet so I am still fairly limited in what I can eat. I enjoyed a vegan grilled cheese on gluten free bread and a caesar salad with brazil nut parmesan. It was delicious! Many of you might think that the serving size it small- but it was just enough for me. They use a kind of vegan cheese called Daiya which was surprisingly delicious. I was also able to enjoy a chewy and perfectly sweet snicker doodle cookie. I was definitely in my element at this restaurant! 

This is an amazing cafe and bakery that I would recommend to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. The best part is that you leave feeling great! 

There is certainly something extra-special about food made with healthy ingredients and more importantly, with love. 

Please check out for more information. 


  1. so true ms. gat - kindfood is infact a gem! since it's opened its doors, i try to visit everytime i get home to my parents house. don't you just love the great inspirational quotes found on the floors? and daiya, mmmm, i won't even start on my love for daiya!

  2. I'm glad you've discovered daiya!! I am in love with it! I have made some amazing rice cracker 'nachos' with it...yummy! Just might be on the menu tonight :)


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