Welcome to my blog! This being my second or third blog, I am committing to giving it a more serious effort this time around.

I have always loved to share. My parents and friends know they can expect a good mouthful from me as I excitedly share with them stories about my day or a fabulous new recipe or restaurant. Many of you may have also been subjected to me talking to myself in the kitchen (well not myself- my 'audience'). I guess what I'm getting at is that a blog is a good fit for me. I look forward to sharing and connecting with others. 

Anyone who knows me knows I'm passionate about food inside and out. I often fall asleep surrounded by cookbooks and have spent countless hours looking at food blogs, recipes and restaurant websites. I have been seduced by all aspects of food from growing food to going to local markets and specialty food stores, as well as food preparation and restaurant dining. I also am very much interested in organics, local food and healthy alternatives. 

I anticipate this blog will not only be a place for me to share creations but also non-food related experiences and thoughts. I look forward to what this experience may bring...Welcome and enjoy! 

Food is love! 


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