A Labor of Love

This Saturday was Chris' brother Paul, and their son Cohen's birthdays. We celebrated Paul's birthday on Friday at Montanas. Surprisingly, I was able to eat there on my 'diet'. Emily and I have been noting which restaurants seem eager to help accommodate and those who will not. It has surprised me a bit that the chain restaurants have been more accommodating than some of the local restaurants. 

                                      The birthday boys!

Cohen's first birthday party was on Saturday. I was faced with another test of my strength and willpower as I was surrounded by cake, crackers, chips and chocolate. I have to admit- it wasn't so bad. I brought a smoothie (that disgusted everyone) and a raw pumpkin cheesecake so I could enjoy cake with everyone. It's getting easier by the day! 

I have called this post "a labor of love" because making the peanut butter chocolate cheesecake that I brought for the adults at the party was just that. 

 It took every ounce of strength in my body not to stick my my finger in that bowl or to not lick the beater clean. Everything was covered in soapy water immediately after use (including my dirty fingers) to help prevent me from doing so. 

My favourite part? Watching people enjoy the cake at the party. Chocolate peanut butter is a favourite of Paul's and it was nice to make something he really enjoyed. I'd have to say that people's enjoyment of the food I prepare is probably my fav part. 

PS. I would like to include a recipe- this recipe comes from a Nigella Lawson cookbook. I have changed a few things and I'm wondering if that is enough for copyright purposes- any insights? 

Happy Long Weekend! 


  1. Sarah this looks so delicious- I would not have been able to resist at least a bite. The photos are beautiful. The love you put in to cooking for others is so apparent!! You are amazing!!

  2. The cheesecake was so yummy! You are SO talented miss!


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