Danielle's Shower

My mom and I held a wedding shower for our friend Danielle about a month ago. I was lucky enough to grow up in a great neighborhood where we had a great group of families who spent time together. We are all still friends and now is the time when all of the grown up kiddies are starting to get married. Danielle is the first one of the group and my mom and I were honored to have the shower at my parent's house. There were a lot of lovely ladies there and we enjoyed food, drinks and played some fun games. 

I love to throw a good party. I've often spent many of my birthdays having people over and creating elaborate menus of delicious treats for my guests. I love to feed people and I love to serve people food that they truly enjoy. I've hosted a number of dinner parties and events and I feel that I've really gotten a grasp of what needs to be done to throw a successful party. The small details are very important. It's important to think out each dish and to prepare AS MUCH as possible before the party. Getting the work done ahead of time makes the day of so much less stressful and much more enjoyable. 

The food at this party was particularly glorious. Enjoy the photos below of the food we made with love and served to our guests! 
                                            This fresh fig and mascarpone tart was 
                           the hit of the party! I think fresh figs are
                           the best fruit out there!
The tart has a fresh pesto and fig center. It was to die for! 
Gourmet cheese selection from Ouderkirk and Taylor. 
BL-Stuffed tomatoes (bacon and lettuce filling)
Chicken satays with peanut sauce
Fresh avocado thai spring rolls with sweet chili sauce
Apricot curry glazed shrimp
Rebecca Roy's world famous butter tarts
Chocolate Mocha cupcakes (oh sweet glory)

Strawberry Pistachio Lemon Mousse Cake
It was a great day and I really enjoyed preparing these delicious dishes for the party. I hope you enjoyed the photos- more to come! 


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