Restaurant Review: Enoteca Sociale

Whenever I need a restaurant recommendation (especially in the GTA), I always turn to my dear friend Jenn.

Jenn and I have shared a love for food and dining for a long time. We grew up together and luckily have moms that fed us delicious home made food made with good quality ingredients. Jenn's mom used to look after my brother and I when we were young. I remember peeking out the front window waiting for the fresh bread to be delivered. We would eat it still warm from the oven, smothered in butter and fresh strawberry jam. 

Jenn now works for Olivier Bonacini in HR and has already done so many amazing things with her career, including recently winning a spot in the OHI's top 30 under 30. It is so fun to be foodies together! 

A couple of months ago, Jenn took me to a restaurant in Toronto called Enoteca Social. It was a fantastic meal and I loved so much about the restaurant. 
Not a huge menu- but
everything made fresh
and as local as possible.
 We started off with a cheese plate. Any of you who know me well know that my brother Nick and I have a strong dislike for what we refer to as "raw cheese". This term is used to describe cheese that is un-melted. I have always been a bit more lenient than my brother in this regard often eating feta or goats cheese 'raw'. What I have discovered recently is that I don't dislike "raw cheese"- I am simply a cheese snob. You could never get me to eat a piece of rubbery cheddar from the grocery store- but put a gourmet cheese platter in front of me and I really enjoy it. This was a lovely cheese plate served with the most delicious candied pecans. They are so serious about cheese at this restaurant that they have a cheese cave. heard me, a cave.
Next we enjoyed the most glorious risotto balls (I'm sure they had a much fancier and proper Italian name). They were crispy on the outside but not greasy and tender in the inside with a cheese center. They were served on top of caramelized onions with a chili oil on the side and arugula on top. This was a delicious dish. 
Jenn and I shared a couple of pasta dishes. One of them was this classic butternut squash ravioli tossed in a sage and hazelnut brown butter. You really can't beat fresh pasta. The filling was so creamy and it was perfectly seasoned. I would really love to explore trying to make some on my own. 
We ended off with a brilliant chocolate pot. It was so creamy and decadent and my favorite part was that it was topped with sea salt. If you have not yet tried chocolate and sea salt you are missing out!
I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone. It is reasonably priced and delicious. My favorite part by far though? My company :)


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